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Computer & Monitor:Windows XP or  Windows  7 home version
Camera:1:1.7''CCD   Digital Camera
USB:2.0  Port
It is packed by carton box. The transport time is about 5-8 working days.

Product Specification

Illumination (RGB)8,800 lux
Fluorescent tube life12000h
Color temperature7200 K  
Video outputNT
CPU/  Pentium 41 .8G H z
Computer & MonitorOS:   Windows   XP  or  Windows  7 home version
Dimension of Machine42cm*35cm*49cm  (L×W×H)
Max  Resolutions FS-1000W
Hard Disk Space120GB
Size of Packing47*47*54 cm
Camera1:1.7''CCD   Digital Camera
USB2.0  Port
Electrical RequirementAC 220V±10% 50Hz
Monitor 1280X800 pixels resolution with Power cartAC in 220v (or 110v  Switch able)
Environment Temperature10-35 °C

Visia skin analysis  is a professional face skin analysis device, it adopts RGB and UV light sources,

through spectral imaging technology to help us detect 9 skin problems  both surface and deep
skin :spot like freckle, acne marks, pigmented nevus, big pores; wrinkles; skin roughness as well
as deep skin problems like Hyper-pigmentation; closed acne; moisture state; skin sensitivity and
skin properties.

Firstly,skin analyzer is skin detecting machine,help beauty salon or clinic,spa to analysis their

customer skin problem accurately.Based on accurate data and real picture,it is convenient to
build up trust with customer,and also can show responsibility of beauty salon and clinic ,
because the doctor judge the skin problem not just by their eye or feeling,but through the
professional instrument.

Secondly,it can generate complete report,which can let the customer really know what their
skin deep need,
what’s problem they need to improve right now,they are eager for advice to
solve skin at this time ,
it is very natural to sale skin care product.

In a word ,skin analyzer not only help them detect skin problem professionally,but also
promote skin products ,profit a lot.
Product Analysis Flow

1. Registration
2. Shooting
3. Pre-view
4. Precision Analysis
5. Report
6. Recommendation
7. Test for the Quality of cosmetics
8. Detect skin illnesses
9. CE Certificate
10. Support Multi-languages (English, Russian, spanish etc). Also can do language you want
if there is big quantity. 
11. Printing the report as well as treatment scheme.


1.UV & RGB
2.Real-time preview + dual pictures display
3.15.0 Mega pixels high solution
4.Comfortable tilted check entrance, human-oriented design
5.Powerful PC software supporting for automatic precise analysis
6.Analysis area user definable
7.CRM with professional UV / RGB analysis for pore, wrinkle, acne….


1.Spectrum:RGB &UV, 15.0 mega  pixels, precise analysis system.

2.Diagnose Facial Problem such as: Moisture, Spot ,Pore, Pigmentation, Wrinkle, Acne, sensitivity,etc.
3.Offer a set of diagnosis solution and medical suggestion treatment for poor skin improvement,
to make your diagnose more professional.

4.Helps to compare different skin conditions before and after care and treatment, which can
strengthen customer's confidence of your product. 

5.Distinguish the quality of cosmetics, afford advices on suitable cosmetics based on skin conditions.